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What can be traded - Football Fixed Odds
What can be traded

What can be traded

You can trade on a most amazing assortment of possibilities. You cannot, at least at the time of writing, trade an individual stock, but you can trade on the major exchange indices starting with the Asian Exchanges in the early morning, then on to the FTSE and German Exchanges, and later on to the Dow. You can trade on the daily result of each index, up or down, or you can trade on the result for each hour of each index.

Of course, you can also follow trading patterns and follow strategies on the prices of football games, both European and North American, tennis matches, darts matches, snooker matches and even horse and greyhound racing – all have prices that move in either direction. Volatility and liquidity vary by index, by sport and by exchange, but there is plenty available for the most demanding trader!

What of the future of the Exchanges?

Betting Exchanges will be around for a long time to come. They are well financed, fill a major need by offering products that are not available from a bookmaker, and provide opportunities for trading not found anywhere else. If ever Betfair is taken public, expect a market capitalisation in excess of $6billion.

The exchanges are also fun to use. No harm in enjoying your trading, and a little variety never hurt. Just don’t jump in to an area or a sport without research – just as in the stock market, know what you are doing with your money, and look before you leap. One last caveat – It is at this time not legal to use a Betting Exchange for US residents.

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