Serve You The Leftovers

Serve You The Leftovers

Excuse my bad French. But after hours of searching the deepest part of my humour cerebellum for an appropriate name, this is what I came up with. Name for who? Well, it’s the name I will be calling Wenger’s underachieving Arsenal side for the entire 2011/12 football season! Yes, I will have another name for them next season as well, unless something shocking happens (where shocking means Arsenal disappointing all of us and winning something else besides the Emirates Cup).

You see, I use to have pity on Wenger. The Frenchman once commanded two of the most feared EPL sides of the last 2 decades: the Arsenal sides of 1997/98 and 2003/04. But his inability to vary strategy has caused him a barren spell of now epic proportion. I use to be a fan of his choice of youth. But if he had been paying attention to his more successful compatriots, maybe he would have learnt a thing or two about home-grown youth talent. I mean which club has more youthful talent than FC Barcelona. Their academy is swarming with balling magicians! That academy even lent Arsenal its skipper until a few days ago, Cesc Fabregas. But even almighty over-resourced Barca knows when to go and borrow ready-made talent from elsewhere.

So now they recently signed Alexis Sanchez, got the fearful David Villa to join them and now Fabregas, after Arsenal had groomed him into maturity! It’s time for Wenger to learn a thing or two. His youthful side may over-run the old men of Chelsea (The Blues old nickname coincidentally is “The Pensioners”), for example. But at the end of the day, all it takes is one move of experience from Drogba, Lampard, Malouda, etc. and Chelsea will run away unfair winners. It’s time for Wenger to break his miserly bank and spend some money to acquire experience. As it stands, I don’t even think Arsenal should be considered amongst Europe’s elite clubs, unless having a pretty looking stadium counts for something.

Arsene Wenger may be every club owner’s dream come true. He produces ok performances, with very minimal resources spent. He even keeps a low salary ceiling, maybe a little too low for a club of Arsenal’s stature. At the end of the year, his profit and loss account looks amazing. No wonder after six trophyless seasons, the owners of Arsenal cannot fire the guy. He’s a money making machine! Compare that to the priorities of the Russian who lives west of the same city as Wenger….lol. But for your sentimental, proud football fan, this coach is your worse nightmare! Maybe he will finally get lucky and get it right with kids like Sir Alex does. But for now, “LES ENFANTS TROPHYLESSE” still have plenty of legends untold. Thank you for bringing teasing opportunities to the EPL, Monsieur Wenger 🙂

PS: After 6 whole years at Arsenal without a trophy, Fabregas got one after just 10 minutes in a Barca shirt! Even though, I must admit, it almost cost him the use of his legs (Marcelo’s afro must have blinded him into that horrible tackle). Now Samir Nasri is convinced 😉

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