Qatar People

Qatar People

So the Qataris don’t like gay people. Then we should probably boycott the 2022 World Cup, right? Oh cut the crap, be serious and let’s just play football. Qatar isn’t saying they don’t like gay people, just…….ermm…….gay relationships. Let’s just go and play the World Cup, OK. Sepp Blatter is old, forgive him for his outdated gay jokes. But please, can we play some ball? What do I think of gay people in football? Well, I haven’t started blogging about that yet.

From Abu Dhabi to London, where the premiership’s 2 biggest teams (you may think otherwise, I know) clash in what could be a redemption match for Chelsea, against their recent not-too-impressive form. Forget the penalty misses, Drogba and Rooney are gradually getting back to their old selves. There’s no team as scary as Chelsea when Drogba is scoring. It’s infectious! Then Maloudabegins to score, Kaloubegins to score,
Essienbegins to score, even Alex! Their midfield is still a bit of a problem. They have Essien (great), but Mikel is losing it, Lampard lost it, whiles Ramires never found it.

To face Luka Modricalone and not stand, that is worrying. Kalou and Malouda should be kept on the wings and certainly a return for the Anelka-Drogba partnership. This season, Man United have been in sixes and sevens whenever they play against a 4-pronged forward line. An example is the Bolton game. But still unbeaten, they can be dangerous when allowed to go ahead on a goal. On Sunday, Sir Alex is likely to parade his “big game” players: Park, Fletcher, Ferdinand and O’Shea. These are players who have consistently made impact against difficult opponents (only to slump against the minnows, I guess). Berbatov remains an outsider, even though Petr Cech will be hoping to avoid another cheeky lob like he got from the Bulgarian in the Community Shield back in August. I do not expect a goal from Rooney on Sunday, maybe a clever assist.

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