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Messilona Healing - Football Fixed Odds
Messilona Healing

Messilona Healing

So soon a new season is upon us. I personally could not wait for this season(am still nursing a fractured heart from our whipping by Messilona). What better way to dry those tears than success in a brand new season? I am however just a tad worried about the capabilities of the other teams in the premier league (you know who am talking about; City, Chelsea, Liverpool. Sorry Wenger, you don’t make the list this time).

City do give me great hope that money cannot buy success. What else can you expect when your star player insists on using his innocent kids as an excuse to escape you? Ballotelli is player full of meaningless teenage angst. I think the worst decision he made was deciding not to play for Ghana. We would have given him some good old African discipline and he would man up. The other aren’t so bad and Toure is essential to their success this season as well as Hart. I believe they made a mistake letting Given go as Hart is not guaranteed an injury free season. Without a champions league position, it will be bye bye Mancini.

The freshest talent Chelsea have acquired this season is the new Manager who at 33, is younger that a lot of their start players. I can’t wait for the drama yet to unfold between him and the ageing primadonnas. Essien is injured and although he is supposedly 30, we all know better. He is at least 5 years older than his ‘football age’. Lampard is fat, Cech is burnt out, Torres is misplaced and Ashley is looking for himself. Throw an impatient billionaire into the mix and you have the makings of a kick ass Mexican telenovella. The only thing missing will be the guns (oops! Ashley will be providing that; so no worries).

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