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Liverpool Oh Liverpool - Football Fixed Odds
Liverpool Oh Liverpool

Liverpool Oh Liverpool

Liverpool, oh Liverpool. I have always admired their slogan. Never walk alone indeed. They just might surprise us all this season and actually challenge for third place. The manager seems alright and the players are working hard. I just hope they don’t 1break under the pressure to finish in the top four.

I know Arsenal are spectators this season but as a football fan, I have to mention them. That sublime soccer, those fine boys; that intense manager(am almost swooning; give me a break here, am a girl and I have needs!). Those boys need to grow a spine and Arsene needs to learn to enjoy the thrill that comes from spending some one else’s money. He has to learn to let go of the cash and build his team and try to win the Carling cup(that’s all he can get this season), otherwise am afraid he will be fired at the end of this season. Good luck to him.

Finally we come to good old United. I worried about us when Messilona humiliated us last May but no more. THE WIN over City told me that the team has been rebuilt and is ready to go. We do need a strong central midfielder though I am not so keen on Schneider. I fear that on that salary, he may just become a god in the dressing room and this will disrupt team unity. How many clubs can overhaul the entire defense in a match against one of their biggest rivals and still go ahead to beat them? My respect for good ol Sir Alex just when beyond the stratosphere after that brilliant win. Berbatov must be really afraid for his position at this moment; not only has he got Chicharito to contend with but he now has welbeck and macheda as well. The lazy genius needs to start learning the basic rudiments of hard work. I believe the 20th title is within reach this season. ONE UNITED!

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