Good coaches are patient ones

Good coaches are patient ones

Being a good coach requires some real patience. So I had Van der Vaart on my Yahoo Fantasy Football team. Then he was injured last Saturday and scored me no points, I therefore kicked him out. He makes a quick recovery, returns to action on Tuesday, scores a goal against Sunderland and earns over 20 points! I now feel like an ass. But can you blame me? I live in Ghana, West Africa. In this part of the world, we can hire or fire a coach based on the results of just one match!

Anyways, I take consolation in the fact that his goal got cancelled by one from Asamoah Gyan (the man who once broke the hearts of over 1 billion people, a potential Guinness world record for heartbreaks). So it seem to be going well for Gyan, 13 million pound transfer, a goal in debut game (and 4 afterwards)…….I am truly happy for the young man from Accra who also happened to score Ghana’s first ever World Cup goal in 2006. And his dance, it seem to be catching up with the Black Cats fans. I almost rolled over with laughter when El Muhammadi attempted to dance along. Whatever you do, Steve Bruce, keep Gyan away from penalties (and maybe keep John Mensah from playing football altogether! lol).

Ha! I almost got carried away. Who cares about United playing City tonight? All of a sudden, the rest of the world pays attention when United plays City. I thought that ranked on the same level as United playing Nottingham Forest? C’mon, City is rich, so what? When you are rich, you have to be sensible. You don’t go around spending tons of cash on over-priced mid-standard players and expect your new-found wealth to work miracles on the field of play (no mention of names). United shares a city with City, but I doubt they’ve learnt anything from the legendary gaffer in the driving seat at Old Trafford (whose only wrongful purchase was paying 30 million pounds for the “legendary” Dimitar Berbatov, my friend
Alyshah Kanji’sall-time hero). But that’s understandable since Alyshah plays like Berbatov. Apart from stealing Carlos Tevez from us, City has so far thrown money down every gutter they could find, from AsunciĆ³n all the way to Zurich.

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