Spreadbetting for the Daytrader

Unlike fixed odds gambling, day trading futures with spread betting allows the trader to bet a stake that will represent their profit or loss multiplied by each point of the market movement. For example, if a trader believes the market will go up, and buys into the trade at $1 a point, and the market rises by 6 points, the trader will have made a profit of $1 x 6 points = $12. Another trader, buying into the market at the same time but at $20 a point, would make a profit of $20 x 6 points = $120.

Of course, the downside to this is that losses are also multiples of the initial stake. A third trader may have thought the market was going to fall, so chooses to sell rather than buy for $10 a point. The market instead goes up by 6 points, and this trader loses $10 x 6 = $60.

This is a factor of online financial spread trading that cannot be stressed enough. Markets are often volatile, and can go up or down hundreds of points over relatively short periods of time. A single trade at a high stake that sees the market swing in the opposite direction to that which the trader anticipated means that the investor can lose substantially more than their initial investment.

A Basic Introduction to Betting Online

Are you interested to wager money at casinos? The site offers greater winning opportunities for new players. It is the largest betting exchanges in the world and maintains a wide array of online casino games. You can even play your favorite poker game at Casino placard.

Online betting can offer numerous lucrative opportunities for you. If you hit a jackpot, then this could mean instant riches for you. You can also earn big money if you consistently win your bets in any sports event. However, you cannot deny the fact that online betting also has some real risks. You could lose heavily if you do not take the time to learn the intricacies of online gambling.

Things to Do Before Signing Up

We provide an easy to use player sign-up interface. It is meant to encourage new players to create an account with the site. But before you decide to sign up, there are a few things that you need to do first.

First of all, make sure to fund your account with money that you can afford to lose. Just use your extra money and never gamble your personal savings in online betting. You can fully enjoy playing  if you are not worried about losing money. You can also make good betting decisions if you are not thinking about financial pressures.

Before creating an account, you must carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of our site. You will be able to access the T&C even if you are not yet a registered member. Understand the rules of the site so you can avoid problems later.

Choose a Game You Know

As a new player and an online betting novice, you should not make a bet on games that you do not understand. If you want to win quickly, you should bet on games that you know already. You can focus first on horse racing if that is your expertise. Then study other sports betting games to broaden your betting knowledge.

We also offer an excellent selection of casino games. You can start with online 3-reel slots and try to hit the jackpot. As you improve your knowledge about different casino games, you can now try Blackjack, Baccarat, or Poker. You have better chances of winning if you play smartly on table games.

Manage Your Fund Wisely

We offer good gambling advice and money management tips for new players. These tips can really help you. You have to learn how to manage your money when betting online in order to avoid bankrupting your account.

Before you make a bet on any game, you need to set a maximum loss limit and a minimum winning limit. If you reached your loss limit, then you have to stop playing and just try your luck next time. On the other hand, you should also practice discipline when reaching your winning limit at Casino Placard. If you already won a substantial amount, you have to stop playing and cash-out your winnings to make a good profit.

What do you mean by Value betting?

OK for example, we worked out that Arsenal to score over 2.5 goals is 1.92 but a bookmaker is offering odds of 2.10, there’s about 20% value in this bet. Even if the outcome is a losing bet, if you bet with enough value over the long term you will be positive.

Today the first game on the list for Easter Friday is Birmingham vs Rotterham, their last 3 meetings have been one win for Birmingham and two were 2-2 draws. The true odds for the draw should be 1.33 but in reality draw odds are always above 3 and if you betted a draw for all 3 matches you would have one two and lost one but will be in huge profits. Of course its not that easy to calculate value but I am just emphasising my point here and explaining the basics of Value in football betting.

I won’t go in detail how I work out value in this blog entry but I just want to point out to those who wants to profit from football betting to stop betting on accumulators and short odds, bookies loves you, they love it when you make these bets because they know they will always be a winner long term, yes you do land a £300 accumulator time to time but how many £100s have you lost before you hit one?

Good coaches are patient ones

Being a good coach requires some real patience. So I had Van der Vaart on my Yahoo Fantasy Football team. Then he was injured last Saturday and scored me no points, I therefore kicked him out. He makes a quick recovery, returns to action on Tuesday, scores a goal against Sunderland and earns over 20 points! I now feel like an ass. But can you blame me? I live in Ghana, West Africa. In this part of the world, we can hire or fire a coach based on the results of just one match!

Anyways, I take consolation in the fact that his goal got cancelled by one from Asamoah Gyan (the man who once broke the hearts of over 1 billion people, a potential Guinness world record for heartbreaks). So it seem to be going well for Gyan, 13 million pound transfer, a goal in debut game (and 4 afterwards)…….I am truly happy for the young man from Accra who also happened to score Ghana’s first ever World Cup goal in 2006. And his dance, it seem to be catching up with the Black Cats fans. I almost rolled over with laughter when El Muhammadi attempted to dance along. Whatever you do, Steve Bruce, keep Gyan away from penalties (and maybe keep John Mensah from playing football altogether! lol).

Ha! I almost got carried away. Who cares about United playing City tonight? All of a sudden, the rest of the world pays attention when United plays City. I thought that ranked on the same level as United playing Nottingham Forest? C’mon, City is rich, so what? When you are rich, you have to be sensible. You don’t go around spending tons of cash on over-priced mid-standard players and expect your new-found wealth to work miracles on the field of play (no mention of names). United shares a city with City, but I doubt they’ve learnt anything from the legendary gaffer in the driving seat at Old Trafford (whose only wrongful purchase was paying 30 million pounds for the “legendary” Dimitar Berbatov, my friend
Alyshah Kanji’sall-time hero). But that’s understandable since Alyshah plays like Berbatov. Apart from stealing Carlos Tevez from us, City has so far thrown money down every gutter they could find, from Asunción all the way to Zurich.

Looking to the land

The appeal of property becomes clear by looking out the windows of the stately 10th-floor office of Kareem Abdul Hadi, a manager in Palestine Development and Investment Inc., or PADICO, the biggest privately-owned enterprise in the Palestinian territories and a holding company for everything from swish eateries and luxury hotels to real estate and construction.

Cement highrises surge from the ground in the middle of verdant patches of nothing – bald spots, Abdul Hadi dubs them – rendered largely out of bounds to Palestinian administration and construction as per the 1994 Oslo agreements setting out different zones of control in the West Bank.

The wall built by Israel winds across the landscape – part of a barrier Israel says ensures its security against suicide bombers but the international court of justice says is illegal and Palestinians decry as a land grab. While Israels controls hamstring commerce, they are a boon to the property market.

Land in Palestine is one of the only safe investments, both because the Oslo agreements made it more scarce and because it has historically never gone down in value, Abdul Hadi said.

The same doesnt apply for real estate, and while value hasnt dropped, some housing projects are sitting empty, and people havent bought them up yet.

Abdul Hadis firm is investing in a members-only executive club and spa with views of the sweeping Mediterranean littoral below, and importing a luxury restaurant from Jordan, but prospects for undertakings that would create a substantial number of jobs and spur growth have dimmed.

Sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, and construction actually contracted in the first quarter of this year, according to preliminary figures from the World Bank.

The problem is an unfriendly investment environment, caused by the Israeli occupations wall and restricted access. It makes investors unsure about putting money into Palestine, said Mohammed Shtayyeh, a minister in charge of the Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction.

Around two-thirds of the West Bank is policed and administered exclusively by Israel, and the Palestinian-run cantons float precariously in an interstice of Israeli settlements, military bases and roads.

But Shtayyeh admits his government also deserves blame.

The PA is not the owner of the means of production, but it should have encouraged more interest by the private sector and foreign direct investment in developing the productive base here, he said.


Beyond occupied land and limited water, even the air waves in the West Bank offer no safe outlet for economic growth.

Israeli authorities deny the Palestinian Authority and therefore Palestinian mobile phone providers access to the high-tech 3G frequency, while granting it even to Jewish settlements.

Sam Bahour, a telecoms entrepreneur-turned-business consultant, said any potential for a high-tech industry had been stymied by that move.

Israel is in total control of the assets that could make for a real economy, and weve been left to manage the crumbs, he said. Its a donor-driven economy and will remain one until the occupation ends.

International organizations and the public sector concentrate in Ramallah, where 75,000 people live, pulling jobs and wealth from the rest of the West Bank into its orbit and leaving other towns and cities in its shadow.

Poverty and joblessness have increased in the West Bank in 2012, both hovering at around a fifth of the population of 2.6 million.

The government focuses on growth regardless of how it is achieved so that it will get some compliments abroad, Nasser Abdul Kareem, an economic analyst, told Reuters.

Unfortunately, too much of it depends on government spending, which is neutral, and doesnt distribute wealth among people and geography, he said.

As division festers between the Gaza Strip, which is run by Hamas Islamists, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbass dominant Fatah party in the West Bank, wealth disparities and the preoccupation with making ends meet are breeding alienation among a people already in no short supply of it.

Indebtedness and financial problems are taking a toll on society, and making people Americanized in a way, noted Bahour, the consultant.

The focus on the individual and his ownership is increasing, and the sense of community and the collective fades.

Serve You The Leftovers

Excuse my bad French. But after hours of searching the deepest part of my humour cerebellum for an appropriate name, this is what I came up with. Name for who? Well, it’s the name I will be calling Wenger’s underachieving Arsenal side for the entire 2011/12 football season! Yes, I will have another name for them next season as well, unless something shocking happens (where shocking means Arsenal disappointing all of us and winning something else besides the Emirates Cup).

You see, I use to have pity on Wenger. The Frenchman once commanded two of the most feared EPL sides of the last 2 decades: the Arsenal sides of 1997/98 and 2003/04. But his inability to vary strategy has caused him a barren spell of now epic proportion. I use to be a fan of his choice of youth. But if he had been paying attention to his more successful compatriots, maybe he would have learnt a thing or two about home-grown youth talent. I mean which club has more youthful talent than FC Barcelona. Their academy is swarming with balling magicians! That academy even lent Arsenal its skipper until a few days ago, Cesc Fabregas. But even almighty over-resourced Barca knows when to go and borrow ready-made talent from elsewhere.

So now they recently signed Alexis Sanchez, got the fearful David Villa to join them and now Fabregas, after Arsenal had groomed him into maturity! It’s time for Wenger to learn a thing or two. His youthful side may over-run the old men of Chelsea (The Blues old nickname coincidentally is “The Pensioners”), for example. But at the end of the day, all it takes is one move of experience from Drogba, Lampard, Malouda, etc. and Chelsea will run away unfair winners. It’s time for Wenger to break his miserly bank and spend some money to acquire experience. As it stands, I don’t even think Arsenal should be considered amongst Europe’s elite clubs, unless having a pretty looking stadium counts for something.

Arsene Wenger may be every club owner’s dream come true. He produces ok performances, with very minimal resources spent. He even keeps a low salary ceiling, maybe a little too low for a club of Arsenal’s stature. At the end of the year, his profit and loss account looks amazing. No wonder after six trophyless seasons, the owners of Arsenal cannot fire the guy. He’s a money making machine! Compare that to the priorities of the Russian who lives west of the same city as Wenger….lol. But for your sentimental, proud football fan, this coach is your worse nightmare! Maybe he will finally get lucky and get it right with kids like Sir Alex does. But for now, “LES ENFANTS TROPHYLESSE” still have plenty of legends untold. Thank you for bringing teasing opportunities to the EPL, Monsieur Wenger 🙂

PS: After 6 whole years at Arsenal without a trophy, Fabregas got one after just 10 minutes in a Barca shirt! Even though, I must admit, it almost cost him the use of his legs (Marcelo’s afro must have blinded him into that horrible tackle). Now Samir Nasri is convinced 😉